Vol 10, No 1 (2014)

Splash Page Photo Credit: IMP Labs participant Ryan Anaskan. Photograph by Don Hall, University of Regina.
Splash Page Audio Credit: The North Project, teenage participants. Charity Marsh/IMP Labs.

Table of Contents


Cyphers: Hip-Hop and Improvisation PDF HTML
Paul Watkins, Rebecca Caines


Profile of the Interactive Media and Performance (IMP) Labs: An Interview with Dr. Charity Marsh PDF HTML
Rebecca Caines
Tricia Rose Interviewed by George Lipsitz PDF HTML
George Lipsitz
“Schizophonophilia”: An Audio-Interplay Between Wayde Compton and Paul Watkins PDF HTML
Paul Watkins


Scratch, Look & Listen: Improvisation and Digital DJ Interfaces PDF HTML
mark v. campbell
‘We Wanted Our Coffee Black’: Public Enemy, Improvisation, and Noise PDF HTML
Niel Scobie
Retaining a New Format: Jazz-Rap, Cultural Memory, and the New Cultural Politics of Difference PDF HTML
Jesse Stewart
When Beats Meet Critique: Sample-Based Hip-Hop as Knowledge-Practice PDF HTML
Marcel Anthony Swiboda

General Topics Articles

Improvisation et processus compositionnel dans la genèse de Fenêtre Ovale de Karl Naëgelen PDF HTML
Clément Canonne

Book/Media Reviews

At the Edge of New Meanings: A Critical Review of Flying Lotus’s You’re Dead! PDF HTML
Paul Watkins

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