Vol 9, No 1 (2013)

Ethics and the Improvising Business

Table of Contents


Ethics and the Improvising Business PDF HTML
Mark Laver, Ajay Heble, Tina Piper


Joel Bakan PDF HTML
An Interview by Mark Laver
R. Keith Sawyer PDF HTML
An Interview by Mark Laver


Creativity, Labour, and the Politics of Profit in the Improvised Music Field PDF HTML
Peter David Johnston
The Metaphor of 'The Jazz Band': Ethical Issues for Leadership PDF HTML
Nick Sorensen
Improvise!™: Jazz Consultancy and the Aesthetics of Neoliberalism PDF HTML
Mark Laver

Notes and Opinions

'Improvisation' in Corporations and Creative Music: What Are We Really Talking About? PDF HTML
Scott Thomson
Crisis Management as Ethical Improvisation PDF HTML
Chris MacDonald

General Topics Articles

The Field of Cultural Production and the Limits of Freedom in Improvisation PDF HTML
Melvin James Backstrom
Jamming the Blues: The Grateful Dead's Development of Models for Rock Improvisation PDF HTML
Michael John Kaler

Book/Media Reviews

Improvisation as Art: Conceptual Challenges, Historical Perspectives, Edgar Landgraf PDF HTML
David Borgo
The Improvising Mind: Cognition and Creativity in the Musical Moment, Aaron L. Berkowitz PDF HTML
Howard Spring

News and Announcements

Call for Papers: General Issue PDF HTML

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