Vol 7, No 1 (2011)

Brazilian Improvisations / Improvisações Brasileiras

Table of Contents


“A Thread that Connects the Worlds”: Ovoid Logics and the Contradictory Lines of Force of Brazilian Improvisations PDF HTML
Jason Stanyek


“Writing by Ear”: Clarice Lispector, Machado de Assis, and Guimarães Rosa and the Mimesis of Improvisation PDF HTML
Marília Librandi Rocha
In Praise of Improvisation in Brazilian Soccer: Modernism, Popular Music, and a Brasilidade of Sports PDF HTML
Bernardo Borges Buarque de Hollanda
"Na Cadencia Bonita do Samba": Accomplishing Suingue in Toronto PDF HTML
Natasha Pravaz


Ambivalence, Paradox and the Poison-Remedy of Brazilian Improvisation: A Conversation with José Miguel Wisnik PDF HTML
Micaela Kramer

Notes and Opinions

Improvisations of a Tropical Cartesianism PDF HTML
Fred Coelho
Improvisation in the Jeitinho Brasileiro PDF HTML
Fernanda Carlos Borges
Urban Improvisations: The Profanatory Tactics of Spectacularized Spaces PDF HTML
Paola Berenstein Jacques
Dancing Samba in Tight Places PDF HTML
Barbara Browning
Improvisation and Staging in Documentary Films PDF HTML
Fernão Pessoa Ramos
Improvisation in the Brazilian Theater: Inventing Tradition PDF HTML
Silvana Garcia
Pablo Fagundes and the Instrumental Music of Brasília PDF HTML
Bryan McCann
Soccer, Improvisation, Clichés: Brazilianness in Dispute PDF HTML
Alexandre Fernandez Vaz

In Memoriam

Pushing at Boundaries: The Path of a Brazilian Instrumentalist PDF HTML
Cliff Korman

Book/Media Reviews

Na ponta do verso: poesia de improviso no Brasil (2008) Edited by Alexandre Pimentel and Joana Corrêa PDF HTML
Charles A. Perrone
Versificando (2009) Directed by Pedro Caldas and Produced by 13 Produções PDF HTML
Daniel Sharp

News and Announcements

Call for Papers: General Topics Issue PDF HTML

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