Vol 6, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


“Wild notes” … Improvisioning PDF HTML
Daniel Fischlin


“See clearly … feel deeply”: Improvisation and Transformation: John McLaughlin Interviewed by Daniel Fischlin PDF HTML
Daniel Fischlin


The control of acoustic intensity during jazz and free improvisation performance PDF HTML
Roger Thornton Dean, Freya Anne Bailes
Subject, Object, Improv: John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, and Eastern (Western) Philosophy in Music PDF HTML
Tracy M McMullen
Giving Back Time: Improvisation in Australian Hip-Hop Pedagogy and Performance PDF HTML
Rebecca Caines
“Patience, Sincerity, and Consistency”: Fred Anderson’s Musical and Social Practices PDF HTML
Paul Steinbeck

Notes and Opinions

Celebrating a Jazz Hero: A Symposium on the Role of Fred Anderson in Chicago’s Jazz Legacy PDF HTML
Paul Steinbeck
Keeping on... PDF HTML
Matana Roberts
(Paralyzed on One) Sideman: Disability Studies Meets Jazz, through the Hands of Horace Parlan PDF HTML
Alex Lubet

Book/Media Reviews

Kenwood Dennard: improvised composition on the drum-set PDF HTML
Augusto Monk
Creative Life: Music, Politics, People, and Machines PDF HTML
Rob Wallace
The Grateful Dead In Concert: Essays on Live Improvisation PDF HTML
Melvin Backstrom
Coltrane on Coltrane: The John Coltrane Interviews PDF HTML
Ben Leubner
Musical Improvisation: Art, Education, and Society PDF HTML
Stephanie Khoury
Stance: Ideas About Emotion, Style, And Meaning For The Study Of Expressive Culture PDF HTML
David Jackson

News and Announcements

Call for Papers: General Topics Issue PDF HTML

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