Vol 10, No 2 (2015)

Articles listed in the Table of Contents of this early release of vol. 10, no. 2 have undergone the full editorial process and are in their complete and final form. Additional articles for this issue will be added to the TOC as the editorial work on them is concluded. [Ed.]

Table of Contents

Innovations in Practice

S’alimenter à la source de Pinterest : utilisation de Pinterest pour la mise en valeur des nouveautés en format électronique de la Bibliothèque de l’Université Laval PDF
Daniela Zavala Mora

Theory and Research

Changing Roles of Librarians and Library Technicians PDF
Norene James, Lisa Shamchuk, Katherine Koch

Professional Development

Roundtable: What was the most useful thing you learned during your library education? PDF
Jessica Lange, Sarah Macintyre, Alison Pier, Lou Duggan, Carolyn Doi
Staff Training, Onboarding, and Professional Development Using a Learning Management System PDF
Sona Macnaughton, Mary Medinsky

Book Reviews

REVIEW: Access in the Academy: Bringing ATI and FOI to Academic Research PDF
Mark Weiler

Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research (ISSN: 1911-9593)